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Plastic Bottles with Desiccant Caps

30ml plastic bottle with desiccant cap

What are the Plastic Bottles with Desiccant Cap?

Plastic Bottles with Desiccant Cap are ideally used for the highly hygroscopic products which is sensitive to moisture. That is why the cap have built-in desiccant like silica gel to make sure the tablet,pills,capsules to stay in dry condition within its shelf life. The built-in chamber of the caps can carry desiccant from 0.8mg to 3.0mg depending on the product character. The Bottle made from HDPE resin,it has exceptional moisture and vapour barrier properties (MVTR) and stiffness. Safe for pack hygroscopic tablets or other capsules in pharma.

What is the Raw Material of Plastic Bottles with Desiccant Cap?

The container is made of HDPE which produced by injection blow molding (IBM) ,and closure made of PP which produced by injection molding(IM)

What Sizes of HDPE Bottle with Desiccant Cap are Available?

For other sizes, we can customize as your request.

25ml 1 plastic hdpe bottles with desiccant cap


30ml plastic bottle with desiccant cap


40ml 2 plastic hdpe bottles with desiccant cap


50ml plastic hdpe bottles with desiccant cap


60ml plastic hdpe bottles with desiccant cap


75ml plastic hdpe bottles with desiccant cap


175ml plastic hdpe bottles with desiccant cap


plastic hdpe bottles with desiccant cap drawing


What are The Advantages of Our Desiccant Cap?

There will not be any need to add a separate desiccant
pouch inside the solid bottle.

Do not worry about mixing of the desiccant with
tablets/capsules inside the bottle.

Moisture penetrating the packaging can cause tablets,
coated tablets and film-coated tablets to dissolve prematurely,
lose their color or effectiveness or develop undesirable odors.
The integration of desiccants into pharmaceutical packaging
prevents these problems and ensures product safety.

desiccant cap advantage 4

Quality Comes First

We pay attention to every single step.

plastic medicine bottle manufacturing workshop

Manufacturing Facility

Production is carried out strictly complying with GMP guidelines.
All incoming materials will be inspected to be assured they meet the standard.
We introduce the world-class production facilities like automatic injection and extrusion molding lines provide the biggest support to the highest standard products.
Updated online inspection system provide more accurate visual and dimensional inspection and improve the efficiency as well.

Plastic medicine bottle customization mold


In the past 30 years, we gathered rich experience in the production, research and development, quality management in pharmaceutical packaging industry . We successfully created thousands molds for our customers to improve their brand image . We have full design research and development experience to help you create the suitable mold according to your ideas ,your quality standards, packaging function etc. The approved process flow will guide us from the drawing to commercial order production .

plastic medicine bottle -induction seal

Comprehensive Quality
Management System

Quality is the key .
Thanks to the comprehensive management system from Incoming Material to Outer Package, from Production Facilities to Laboratory Testing Equipment,from Product Technology Regulation to Batch Records, from the Employee Training to Environmental Monitoring ,every single step is within our process flow.
All operation and records are completely and can be traced.

plastic drug bottle-visual inspection system

High standard
product quality

Products will be manufactured and inspected complied with CP , USP, EP or customer’s requirements. Besides the visual and dimensional inspection,we do some additional tests like leakage test, drop test, microbiological test ...which are required by the customer. We’ll guarantee the products you get are in specification.

Quality Standard of Plastic HDPE Bottle with Desiccant Cap


Smooth surface ,Free of pin-holes,visible particles,dirts. No damage.
No leakage
Water Vapor Transmission
Dissolved Matter Test
Microbial limit
Chemical Test
Moisture Content of Desiccant
Desiccant Saturation Moisture Absorption Rate
Desiccant Short-term Moisture Absorption Rate
Drop Resistance
No broken ,no desiccant leak
* We can adjust desiccant weight according to your requirement.

The Common Desiccant Moisture Absorption Chart

X axis :Relative Humidity, Y axis : Temperature ℃

From the chart,we can see that under room temperature and RH higher than 37%, the moisture absorption of silica gel is higher than molecular sieve.


The common used desiccant is silica gel and molecular sieve . We can adjust the desiccant according to your requirements,100% silica gel or silica gel & molecular sieve mixing to meet your different needs.

The desiccant is packed by a plastic shell and sealed by paperboard ,we call it Desiccant storage chamber . The plastic shell base have a buckle design which is compatible with the cap so that we can press the desiccant storage chamber into the cap and do not drop .
Yes, please contact us directly.
The bottles are packed by 2 layers poly bags and then into export standard cartons ;the caps are packed by Aluminum foil bag with a Cobalt-free Humidity Indicator Card inside and then into export standard cartons.

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