HDPE Containers with Desiccant Cap

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HDPE Containers with Desiccant Cap

Our Plastic Container with Desiccant Cap are ideally used for the highly hygroscopic products which is sensitive to moisture. That is why the cap have built-in desiccant like silica gel to make sure the tablet,pills,capsules to stay in dry condition within its shelf life. The built-in chamber of the caps can carry desiccant from 0.8mg to 2.0mg depending on the product character.

With tamper-evident cap

Good sealing

Both production and package process in clean room .

Desiccant canister replaces Strip Desiccant Sachet

The filling line eliminates the time required for placing desiccants Sachet into the bottle interior. After the tablet filling process, it can proceed directly to the sealing procedure.

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Sizes Material Caliber Cap Style
25ml HDPE+PP 26mm CRC
30ml HDPE+PP 30mm CRC
40ml HDPE+PP 33mm CRC
50ml HDPE+PP 33mm CRC
60ml HDPE+PP 33mm CRC
75ml HDPE+PP 33mm CRC
175ml HDPE+PP 33mm CRC

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