Effervescent Tablet Tubes

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Effervescent Tablet Tubes

Our effervescent tube packaging are ideally used for the highly hygroscopic products which is sensitive to moisture. That is why the cap have built-in desiccant like silica gel to make sure the tablet to stay in dry condition within its shelf life.
So the moisture content and moisture absorption of the cap should be within specification . The built-in chamber of the caps can carry desiccant from 0.8mg to 2.0mg depending on the product character.The caps come with or without spiral . The advantage of spiral cap can prevent the tablets breakage.

With tamper-evident cap

With good sealing

Printing service available

Spiral cap and non spiral cap available

Browse All Secifications According to Your Needs

Item No. Size Material Height Inner Dia.
EFV1 29*84mm PP 84mm 26.8mm
EFV2 29*99mm PP 99mm 26.8mm
EFV3 29*120mm PP 120mm 26.8mm
EFV4 29*133mm PP 133mm 26.8mm
EFV5 29*144mm PP 144mm 26.8mm

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