Tablet Bottles and Desiccant Caps


HDPE Tablet Container with Desiccant Caps

These bottles are made from High Density Polyethylene, a recyclable plastic resin known for its exceptional moisture and vapour barrier properties (MVTR) and stiffness.That is why the cap have built-in desiccant like silica gel to make sure the tablet,pills,capsules to stay in dry condition within its shelf life. The built-in chamber of the caps can carry desiccant from 0.8mg to 2.0mg depending on the product character.

Capacity: 30ml,60ml

Both production and package process in clean room

Caps sold separately


Available as child-resistant

Browse All Secifications According to Your Needs

Ref. Capacity Diameter of Body Height Neck Finish Closure System Child-resistant Tamper-evident
LYD1 30ml 35.7mm 61.3mm 27.3mm Screw system Yes Yes
LYD2 60ml 44.5mm 68.5mm 32.2mm Screw system Yes Yes
LYD3 60ml 43mm 70.5mm 33mm Snap on System No No

The Advantage of Integrated Desiccant Caps

The advantage with this new desiccant caps is that now there will not be any need to add a separate desiccant pouch inside the container.The filling line eliminates the time required for placing desiccants Sachet into the bottle interior. After the tablet filling process, it can proceed directly to the sealing procedure.
Replaces desiccant bags or desiccant canister. Reduced risk of Silica gel contact with pharmaceutical products when dry bag broken

tablet bottles and desiccant caps tablet bottles and desiccant caps

The Application of Desiccant Bottles

  1. Hygroscopic medicine product
  2. Replace the foil packaging and
  3. Drugs that have been used for: Cabergoline | Rasagiline | high blood pressure medications

How to determine the type and quantity of desiccant required?

Customers’ product requirements for moisture protection or moisture regulation help to determine the suitable desiccant. If the product or packaged goods require a very low moisture content, the use of molecular sieves is appropriate. If the products are less susceptible to moisture, we generally recommend silica gel.



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