Medicine Bottle Syringe Adapter

medicine bottle syringe adapter | press in bottle adapter for oral medication syringe 18mm 20mm 24mm 28mm |

Press In Bottle Adapter for Oral Medication Syringe

Sizes 18mm, 20mm, 24mm, 28mm
Application PET Liquid Medicine Bottles, Glass Syrup Bottles
Material LDPE
Stock Available

Press-in bottle adapters allow for increased dosing accuracy and fit securely in any bottle with the appropriate size opening. The Press-in Bottle Adapters allow a user to easily draw liquid with an oral dispenser, ensuring accurate dosing while avoiding spills. The adapters fit flush with the bottle opening so that the original cap can be placed on the bottle.The medicine bottle adapter plug is for drawing liquid medicine and fits perfectly with Our Oral Dosing Syringes, (accurate within 0.5% of the marked measure on the syringe allowing you draw exactly amount of medicine without spilling any).

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Product Code Sizes
SA001 18mm
SA002 20mm
SA003 24mm
SA004 28mm

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