PE Oral Dosing Pipettes | Syringes

pe oral dosing pipettes | syringes
PE Oral Dosing Pipettes | Syringes

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to meet your needs. Our products comply with international regulations, including FDA (listed in Drug Master File). Customization options are available for color and marking, including scale and unit of gradation. You can choose to have your brand logo and/or the medicine’s name on the packaging. Individual wrapping is also available upon request. Our materials are bio-compatible.

Suitable for pediatric medicines, suspensions, or drinkable solutions

Can be used upside down with a connector

Strong legibility and easy administration

Easy gliding

Long lasting and easily recyclable

Individually wrapped on request

Very hygienic when used with a Press-In Bottle Adaptor (PIBA)

Optimal length to improve ergonomics

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