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How To Select The Best Medicine Bottle For Your Packaging

If you look around the pharmacy industry, you will notice a lot of different drug packaging bottles. The ideal packaging plays an important role in the safe storage and administration of pharmaceutical products. Pharmaceutical companies select different types of packaging which are built with various materials. These materials perfectly match every drug type and cater to all the needs of consumers. Are you looking to select the best medicine bottle for your packaging? 

Pharmaceutical packaging has wider use, for example, storing and protecting the drugs, identifying the product, marketing the products, and much more! Are you relying on the Pharmaceutical industry and looking for bulk containers for pharmaceutical packaging products? If you are, LAIYANG Pharmaceutical packaging brings a huge number of options for you. This article will describe to select the best medicine bottle for your packaging options we have been serving our customers over the years.

Environmentally-friendly options for Pharmaceutical bottles

When you enter the market, you can see the spectrum of options. The market is broad, and there is an amazing chance of growth due to the research & development programs. There are ranges of packaging options which are divided into primary, secondary, and tertiary. The Primary drug packaging materials lead the pharmaceutical products. But the secondary & tertiary packaging is used to offer additional protection.

A handful of options are used for packaging medications, vitamins, and supplements. Most packaging manufacturing platforms have options for plastic bottles and closures, including LDPE, HDPE, PET & PP. Each of these resins owns different properties that we will describe in later sections. When it comes to pharmaceutical packaging products, it’s essential to know the resin type. So, how can you determine the right medicine bottle for your packaging? Let’s move and understand how to select the Best Medicine Bottle for Your Packaging.

Parameters you should look for while buying medicine bottles

The pharmaceutical packaging industries have witnessed amazing growth in the recent market. To maintain good health, a lot of innovation takes place to effectively increase the product chain. It is always recommended to choose a tamper-proof, water-resistant material and safe for the child. Protecting the efficiency of the drug should be your only aim when you select the best medicine bottle for your packaging. Choosing suitable pharmaceutical packaging is an overwhelming task, but when you follow the below points, you can select the appropriate packaging option.

Consider the nature of the product

The nature of the product widely depends upon which type of packaging you should choose. Some products are suitable for packaging material, while some don’t. The metal containers are suitable for packaging capsules, powders, tablets, and liquid products. Glass containers are the ideal choice for you when you are looking to package neutral and acidic preparations. Plastic containers hold excessive popularity in the market because the benefits they serve are greater than any other material.

Determine the cost

Packaging products is an additional cost that sometimes affects the drug price. Therefore, to set an economical price for the product, you should look out for the financial implications & the product packaging material. Check whether it makes the drug affordable or costlier for different groups of people. Don’t look for something beyond the price that customers can’t afford. Instead of that, check out the quality packaging.

Check for safety & compatibility

The packaging you choose should transport the product safely. Make sure the product you choose doesn’t harm the inside product. When the packaging materials are unsuitable for you, it can lead to chemical reactions like leaching & absorption. So, if the packaging material doesn’t match the product quality, it can make the product unsafe.

Think about convenience

The packaging materials also depend upon the product weight, size, and opening methods. The packaging materials which offer convenience to the products are widely accepted. Ensure the product packaging material isn’t excessively heavy or over complicated. Always choose something easy to access.

Focus on branding

Packaging product is a form of branding because it lets people know about the product and the brand. The packaging of the product speaks about the product brand & values. The more consumers will be attracted to your product, the higher the chances of your ROI, so while considering the packaging material, look at how attractive it looks.

Observe the competitors

Along with that, you should also look for the competitors. When you know what your competitors are serving in the industry, you can improve your improvements. By observing them, you can find out their flaws and vulnerabilities. Therefore, to sustain your brand image and win consumers’ trust, you should always try to be on top of the game.

The LAIYANG Pharmaceutical packaging considers all the above-described features mentioned in the article. We have all the mentioned features in their products, and that’s why we gained this much popularity in the market. Now let’s look at the collection of packaging materials we have.

The wider options for the best medicine packaging material

High-density Polyethylene(HDPE)

Polyethylene is made from natural gas and oil. This is one of the plastics in a hefty range of options. The best examples are plastic piping, plastic beverage bottles, nutraceuticals, and packaging pharmaceutical and cannabis products. This is translucent resin in its natural state, and to change the color, the colorants are added during bottle manufacturing.

Benefits of choosing HDPE:

  1. It provides a clear light to pass through, but if you want to protect it, you can block the light by adding colorant.
  2. It also creates a barrier to pass the oxygen so that the product can maintain its efficiency and effectiveness for the disease.
  3. It is an ideal option for heat & cold resistance, resistance to sunlight & maintains rigidity.
  4. This is ideal for storing solid-dose vitamin capsules, liquid medications, gel caps, tinctures, cannabis oils, gummies, and more.

Post-Consumer Recycled HDPE: Nowadays, people are looking for sustainability, and that’s why pharmacy companies choose sustainable product packaging materials. Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) HDPE is known for maintaining the planet. The traditional HDPE containers are reusable, but the PCR HDPE is said to be sustainable as these are 100% post-consumer recycled. It is designed to discard plastic from the environment.

Benefits of the Post-Consumer Recycled HDPE

  1. These are completely recyclable options.
  2. This packaging material comes to the market after being tested by the USP & ASTM.
  3. The product material meets the standard safety regulation in different industries, including the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and cannabis industries.
  4. The products work well with traditional HDPE and go perfectly with Post-Consumer Recycled HDPE.
  5. Similar to traditional HDPE, it maintains the same performance, properties, and versatility.

Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

Like traditional HDPE, low-density Polyethylene is made from natural gas and oil. However, there is a small difference between the LDPE and HDPE, which is the density level. If we compare both, the LDPE is considerably less strong than the HDPE. If you want to search for packaging where you can keep the products dispensed by squeezing the material, then it will be the right choice. This is perfect for storing the products such as gels, lotions, and ophthalmic solutions.

Benefits of LDPE:

  1. It is translucent, but a light block can be achieved by adding colorant.
  2. This is an ideal option for storing products that are very sensitive to moisture.
  3. When the oxygen passes through the container less easily, it can make the products less effective. When you use this, it can work as a barrier to oxygen.
  4. It is less retaining for maintaining the shape, and that’s why it is easily squeezable.
  5. An ideal option to remove bruises & dents.
  6. It has heat & cold resistance and sunlight resistance features.

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

This option comes from the polyester family group, also known as the thermoplastic polymer resin. These resins are mostly used for packaging liquid-dose medications. You notice that products like wellness products, cough syrup, and vitamin supplements are stored in this packaging. The cannabis industry also uses this material to maintain product quality. There are huge PET container options available in different colors with complete transparency.

Benefits of PET material:

  1. This is ideal if you want a container that offers passing light through. But you can also block the light by adding colorant.
  2. It is highly porous and less effective for protecting products that are highly sensitive to moisture.
  3. It doesn’t allow oxygen to pass through the bottle.
  4. The material is highly rigid, and the shape can be retained under high temperatures.
  5. This is resistance to heat, cold, and sun exposure.

Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) PET: Do you want that your product maintains its efficiency well inside the bottle? If you are, choosing the PET option of packaging will be beneficial. This is the best option to consider after the PCR HDPE. This is made with 100% post-consumer recycled material. It helps eliminate the level of greenhouse gas emissions damaging the planet. This material is also popular in the pharmacy market because of its impressive features such as versatility, performance, and all. Do you want to choose something that eliminates the carbon footprint? Grab this option today!

Benefits of PCR PET material: 

  1. This is similar to PET because it has the same retaining properties & performance.
  2. This is versatile to the industry, similar to PET.
  3. It can be used for packaging the product, which works well with traditional PET.
  4. These are functional and completely reusable.
  5. It can meet the rigid standards of different industries, including the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and cannabis industries.
  6. The packaging option comes to the market after being tested and approved by USP and ASTM.

Polypropylene (PP)

This is a type of plastic that is known for its unique feature. It holds semi-crystalline nature that makes it perfect for solid dose prescription. These materials are ideally used for packaging ointments, over-the-counter medications, creams, solid dose prescriptions, and powdered supplements.

Benefits of PP material:

  1. PP materials are translucent, but adding colorant during manufacturing can create a barrier to light.
  2. It protects the inside products from exposure to oxygen.
  3. It is low permeability and effective to protect products that are sensitive to nature.
  4. The PP materials easily resist heat, cold, and sun exposure.
  5. Ranked as good for eliminating bruises and dents.
  6. Easy to retain the shape under high pressure.

The LAIYANG Pharmaceutical packaging already provides all the options mentioned above. We have various options, which you can access and order in bulk. If you are looking for the ideal platform to select the best medicine bottle for your packaging, you can give a chance to us.

Why should you choose any of the above packaging options?

The drugs are much more sensitive, so they need extra care. It has life-saving capabilities and needs to be stored with the utmost care. This is the right way to fully protect the products. This is how you select the best medicine bottle for your packaging. By choosing any of the above-discussed products, you can keep the product’s contaminants free. Pharmaceutical products are manufactured to heal people; storing low-quality grade material can worsen the product. This is also used to give protection against damage. It should be followed to prevent the product from any damage and maintain its medical value. The pharmacy market needs secondary and territory packaging solutions in this phase. Apart from all this, it also protects the products from preventing counterfeiting.


After concluding the above discussion, what have you decided? We have mentioned the range of packaging options and their benefits. Now it’s your turn to choose from them based on your needs. Select the best medicine bottle for your packaging by LAIYANG Pharmaceutical packaging. This is the biggest leading name in the industry which is also ranked on Google. This platform is the trusted partner for all your packaging needs. The range of products is available in our store, making your decision easy and clear!