Bromobutyl | Chlorobutyl Rubber Stopper for Sterile Powder

bromobutyl | chlorobutyl rubber stopper for sterile powder |

Bromobutyl | Chlorobutyl Rubber Stopper for Sterile Powder

Suitable for the sealing of various sterile powder injection vials.

Mainly used with glass vials and large infusion bottles, with aluminum caps or aluminum-plastic(flip-off) caps.

High cleanliness standard. Production under 100,000 class cleaning area

Core material: Rubber from Exxon Mobil

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Item No. Feature Head Diam. Head Thickness Neck Diam. Height
13-A 1 ring & 4 lines 12.5mm±0.2 2.0mm±0.2 7.5mm±0.1 7.0mm±0.2
13-B 1 ring 13.0mm±0.2 2.7mm±0.25 8.0mm±0.1 7.0mm±0.2
A-1 4 lines 18.8mm±0.2 3.3mm±0.25 13.2mm±0.1 8.8mm±0.3
20-B2 one ring 19.5mm±0.2 3.0mm±0.25 13.0mm±0.1 8.7mm±0.3
A-2 2 rings 18.8mm±0.2 3.3mm±0.25 13.2mm±0.1 8.8mm±0.3

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