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High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a kind of safe resin with super moisture and vapour barrier properties .The HDPE plastic bottles are widely used in pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging industry for packing solid medicine ,food supplements,nutrition in tablets ,capsules ,gels ,pills ,vitamins .
Child resistant and screw caps are available for each bottles. Using the CRC cap can greatly prevent the child open it and improve your product safety to win more markets

Place of Origin: China

Capacity: 0.5oz, 0.8oz, 1oz, 1.5oz, 1.75oz, 2oz, 2.6oz, 3oz, 3.5oz, 3.85oz, 4.2oz, 5oz, 6oz, 6.5oz, 7oz, 8.7oz, 10oz, 14oz, 17.5oz, 26oz, 33oz, 42oz, 56oz

Shape of Body: Round

Color: White or According to Your Request

Clourse: Child proof cap or screw cap for you

Services: Automatic printing or labeling service

Features: Bottle and cap work well with good sealing

Browse All Secifications According to Your Needs

Item No. Size Material Height Diameter Neck Dia Cap Style
GT03 15ml HDPE 47.7mm 27.9mm 20.4mm Screw Cap
GT161 15ml HDPE 48.5mm 28.5mm 23.5mm Screw Cap
GT12 25ml HDPE 53.4mm 31.5mm 22.7mm Screw Cap
GT22 30ml HDPE 57.3mm 37.3mm 28.5mm Screw Cap
GT130 30ml HDPE 53mm 35mm 28mm Screw Cap
GT141 30ml HDPE 56.6mm 33.5mm 23.8mm Screw Cap
GT129 40ml HDPE 59.6mm 37.2mm 28.2mm Screw Cap
GT31 45ml HDPE 61.8mm 37.8mm 29.3mm CRC/Screw Cap
GT144 45ml HDPE 58.8mm 43mm 33mm CRC/Screw Cap
GT127 50-60ml HDPE 68.4mm 38.6mm 29.2mm CRC/Screw Cap
GT175 60ml HDPE 66mm 41.8mm 33mm CRC/Screw Cap
GT133 60ml HDPE 67.8mm 41.4mm 32mm Screw Cap
GT32 75ml HDPE 75.5mm 43.4mm 29.3mm CRC/Screw Cap
GT35 85ml HDPE 82mm 44.4mm 29.2mm CRC/Screw Cap
GT95 100ml HDPE 82mm 47.5mm 34.7mm CRC/Screw Cap
GT227 110ml HDPE 86.5mm 47mm 37.9mm Screw Cap
GT28 120ml HDPE 86.8mm 50.5mm 34.6mm CRC/Screw Cap
GT93 120ml HDPE 88.4mm 50.4mm 34.7mm CRC/Screw Cap
GT23 150ml HDPE 93mm 53.6mm 34.7mm CRC/Screw Cap
GT216 175ml HDPE 98.5mm 55.4mm 35mm CRC/Screw Cap
GT606 195ml HDPE 102.6mm 55.6mm 46.3mm Screw Cap
GT51 200ml HDPE 106.2mm 58.5mm 41.3mm CRC/Screw Cap
GT209 200ml HDPE 101mm 60.32mm 41.3mm Screw Cap
GT210 200ml HDPE 130.17mm 73mm 41.43mm Screw Cap
GT77 250ml HDPE 113.8mm 62mm 41.3mm CRC/Screw Cap
GT52 300ml HDPE 126.5mm 65.2mm 41.3mm CRC/Screw Cap
GT50 400ml HDPE 130.7mm 72.6mm 47.8mm CRC/Screw Cap
GT210 400ml HDPE 130mm 73mm 41.43mm Screw Cap
GT50 500ml HDPE 147.5mm 75.5mm 47.8mm CRC/Screw Cap
GT116 500ml HDPE 188.2mm 68mm 38.2mm Screw Cap with Tamper-evident
GT226 750ml HDPE 171.9mm 86.1mm 49.6mm  Screw Cap
GT126 950ml HDPE 98.4mm 165.1mm 49.6mm Screw Cap
GT148 1200ml HDPE 191.5mm 96mm 57mm Screw Cap
GT149 1600ml HDPE 224mm 101mm 57mm Screw Cap

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