Ultra Pure Rubber Stoppers

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Ultra Pure Rubber Stoppers

Dispensing various powder injections that are unstable to ordinary rubber stoppers.
It has excellent compatibility with various sterile powder medicines. In the process performance of the machine running and the fragmentation is obviously better than the film coated rubber stoppers. There is no such kind of problems, like falling off of the film coating or Pyrogen.

Ultra Pure

Excellent compatibility

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Item No. Feature Head Diam. Head Thickness Neck Diam. Height
A-1 4 lines 18.8mm±0.2 3.3mm±0.25 13.2mm±0.1 8.8mm±0.3
20-B2 one ring 19.5mm±0.2 3.0mm±0.25 13.0mm±0.1 8.7mm±0.3

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