PP Oral Syrup Liquid Bottle

Plastic PP Syrup Liquid Bottle with CRC closure | Laiyangpackaging.com

PP Empty Oral Cough Syrup Bottle

PP is a common resin which is widely and safely used for food, personal care ,pharmaceutical ,food supplement and healthcare products with its good heat resistance. Our PP syrup liquid bottles are designed for pharmaceutical industry ,with its super physical&chemical properties and compatibility ,they can be used for hot filling application.

Capacity: 10ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 500ml

Closure: CRC or Screw System

Services: Can be marked with scale

Features: Can be used for hot filling

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Item No. Size Material Height Diameter of Body
YT02-10ml 10ml PP 66.4mm 18.4mm
FZB1-30ml 30ml PP 60.1mm /
YT09-50ml 50ml PP 80.3mm 37.5mm
YT16-50ml 50ml PP 92.9mm 39mm
FZB2-100ml 100ml PP 94.8mm 46.9mm
FZB3-100ml 100ml PP 96.5mm 47.5mm
FZB4-100ml 100ml PP 96.3mm 46.9mm
YT17-100ml 100ml PP 106mm 45.2mm
YT10-100ml 100ml PP 120mm 42.8mm
YT14-500ml 500ml PP 132.4mm 47.2mm


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