Vaccine Injection Vials Infusion Bottles

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Vaccine Injection Vials Infusion Bottles

Plastic infusion bottles are widely used for animal vaccine,veterinary injection solution and serum . With capacities ranges from 10ml to 1000ml made of by HDPE ,PP or PET material ,applicable for ETO ,Gamma or Autoclave sterilization, you can find the suitable one within our category .All the plastic infusion bottles are produced and packed in GMP workshop by injection blow molding process with the uniform color, smooth surface , and accurate dimensions which can be used in high speed filling machines.

Use pharmaceutical grade resins

Color can be customization according to your products

Both production and package process in clean room .

We can emboss your logo on the product

Printing service available

Browse All Secifications According to Your Needs

Item No. Size Material Height Diameter
LYVB1 10ml PP 50mm 21mm
LYVB2 20ml PE 62mm 30mm
LYVB26 50ml PP 72mm 42mm
LYVB3 100ml PP 85mm 49mm
LYVB28 100ml PP 86mm 53mm
LYVB131 100ml PP 90.8mm 50.5mm
LYVT006 100ml PET 90mm 49.3mm
LYVB6 250ml PE 127.6mm 66.5mm
LYVB48 250ml PP 138mm 61mm
LYVT500 500ml PET 169mm 76.8mm


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