Veterinary Oral Dosing Syringe

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Oral Medicine Syringe Wholesales

LaiyangPackaging offers a comprehensive selection of disposable veterinary syringe packaging. It is used for veterinary oral paste, treatment of cow mastitis, cockroach bait gel and pet medicine. Our disposable veterinary syringes are produced in a GMP standard workshop and can provide sterilization. The product specifications include 5ml-60ml. Each syringe is made of FDA-approved HDEP, LDPE, PP raw materials that it can be packed for veterinary pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, and other animal health products.

Precise design with good sealing and no leakage

Barrel and plunger fit well, easy to use

The color of all parts can be customized based on your brand image

The scale on the plunger can be customized per your request

Both production and package process in clean room

Offering high quality hot transfer printing service on the barrel

Different assemble ways for your choice to ensure convenient filling method

Sterilization available

Browse All Secifications According to Your Needs

Item No. Capacity Material Height
OD of Tube OD of Nozzle
LYS3 15ml PP/PE 109mm 18.5mm 4.9mm
LYS4 20ml PP/PE 102mm 25.5mm 8mm
LYS5 30ml PP/PE 138mm 25.3mm 9mm
LYS6 60ml PP/PE 141mm 33.8mm 9mm

Standard Multi-Dose Plungers

Choose a Dial-A-Dose for measured multi-dose use. Sample  plunger calibration marks shown below. Custom colors and calibrations available.

veterinary oral dosing syringe

15cc dose plunger

veterinary oral dosing syringe

30cc dose plunger

veterinary oral dosing syringe

60cc dose plunger

Standard One- and Two-Piece Plungers

Choose a one-piece or two-piece plunger when measured doses aren’t required. One-piece plungers feature integrally-molded seals, while two-piece plungers allow more flexibility for different fluids. Both styles retract easily to eliminate drip and drool, and maximize product use.

veterinary oral dosing syringe

One-piece plunger

veterinary oral dosing syringe

Two-piece plunger

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