HDPE Tablet Containers US DMF

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HDPE Tablet Bottles FDA DMF

The HDPE plastic bottles are widely used in pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging industry for packing solid medicine ,food supplements,nutrition in tablets ,capsules ,gels ,pills ,vitamins .

Material: HDPE

Capacity: 45ml, 60ml, 50ml, 75ml, 85ml, 100ml, 120ml, 150ml, 175ml, 200ml, 250ml, 250ml, 300ml, 400ml, 500ml, 750ml, 950ml

Neck Finish: 33-400, 38-400, 43-400, 52-400, 53-400

US FDA DMF available

Child-resistance closure or screw cap for each bottle

Use pharmaceutical grade HDPE resin or PCR

Bottle and cap work well with good sealing

Browse All Secifications According to Your Needs

Item No Capacity Height Diameter of Body Neck Finish Weight US DMF
GT 31 45ml 61.8 mm 37.8 mm 33-400 7.6g
GTN 60(No Img) 60ml 70.71mm 39.88 mm 33-400 10g
GT 127 50ml/60ml 68.5 mm 38.6 mm 33-400 9.9g
GT 32 75ml 75.5 mm 43.4 mm 33-400 10g
GT 35 85ml 82.0 mm 44.4 mm 33-400 10g
GT 95 100ml 82.0 mm 47.5 mm 38-400 13.8g
GTS 100(No Img) 100ml 78 mm 47 mm 38-400 25.3g
GT 28 120ml 88.5 mm 50.4 mm 38-400 16g
GT 23 150ml 93.0 mm 53.6 mm 38-400 18.3g
GT 216 175ml 98.5 mm 55.4 mm 38-400 18.4g
GT 51 200ml 106.2 mm 58.5 mm 43-400 22g
GT 77 250ml 113.8 mm 62.5 mm 43-400 25.4g
GTS 250 250ml 103.5mm 66.68 mm 53-400 40g
GT 52 300ml 126.5 mm 65.2 mm 43-400 27.9g
GT 50 400ml 130.7 mm 72.6 mm 52-400 33.5g
GT 50-A 500ml 147.5 mm 75.5 mm 52-400 36.6g
GT 226 750ml 171.9 mm 86.1 mm 53-400 47g
GT 126 950ml 165.1mm 98.4 mm 53-400 80g

We Are a Manufacturer of Plastic Tablet Bottles

We are a specialized plastic tablet bottle manufacturer equipped with state-of-the-art injection molding and injection blow molding machinery.

All products and components are manufactured and packaged in the cleanroom to ensure the highest standards of quality.

Our production processes fully comply with GMP standards, guaranteeing excellence in every aspect.

hdpe tablet containers us dmf hdpe tablet containers us dmf

HDPE Wide Mouth Bottles

Our wide-mouth bottles are produced using top-quality pharmaceutical-grade HDPE materials, fully compliant with US DMF standards.

Available in capacities from 30ml to 950ml, these bottles offer customization options for both the body and cap colors.

Each bottle is equipped with CRC caps and screw caps for added convenience and safety.

The neck finishes of our bottles follow internationally popular standards, including 33-400, 38-400, 43-400, and 53-400.

hdpe tablet containers us dmf

FDA Approved HDPE Bottle

Attractive and resistant rigid plastic containers for multiple industries, including: pharmaceutical and healthcare.

We ensure hygiene and high quality control standards by using only imported virgin and FDA-approved raw materials: HDPE, LDPE, PP and PET.

Oral Solid Plastic Packaging

We offer an extensive selection of oral solid packaging solutions crafted from PET, HDPE, and PP materials.

These solutions are suitable for pharmaceuticals, health supplements, nutraceuticals, and cannabis products.

Our diverse range of cap types includes standard caps, CRC caps, tamper-evident caps, metal caps, and integrated desiccant caps, ensuring we meet all industry requirements for oral solid packaging products.

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