Glass Medicine Bottles Wide Mouth GPl 400

Glass Medicine Bottles Wide Mouth G.P.I 400|

Pharmaceutical Glass Pill Bottle

Our wide mouth jars, available from 60 ml to 500 ml, offer innovative and safe packaging solutions for a variety of markets, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and food and beverage. These jars are made from type III glass and come in amber and flint colors, allowing for optimal choice based on content needs. Designed for versatility, they can accommodate products from the pharmaceutical and herbaceutical sectors, as well as food and beverage items. Our jars can be fitted with various caps and accessories to suit different market preferences and can also be customized to meet individual specifications.

  Capactiy: 60ml, 75ml, 100ml, 120ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml, 300ml, 400ml, 500ml Glass Wide Mouth Jars or Bottles

 Neck Finish: 33-400, 38-400, 38-400, 38-400, 45-400, 45-400, 45-400, 53-400

√  Color: Clear, Amber, Brown Glass Pill Bottles

√  Application: Tablet, Pill, Pharmacy, Medicine, Supplement

 Available in Type III Soda Lime Glass

Browse All Secifications According to Your Needs

Ref. Capacity Brimful Height Diameter of Body Weight Neck Finish
460601 60ml 69ml 75.5mm 44.5mm 73g G.P.I 33-400
460752 75ml 86ml 82.5mm 45.3mm 84g G.P.I 38-400
461003 100ml 114ml 87.5mm 50mm 95g G.P.I 38-400
461204 120ml 135ml 95mm 52.8mm 108g G.P.I 38-400
461505 150ml 170ml 100mm 56mm 122g G.P.I 45-400
462006 200ml 226ml 109.5mm 61.4mm 151g G.P.I 45-400
462507 250ml 274ml 117.5mm 65.3mm 170g G.P.I 45-400
463008 300ml 330ml 126.5mm 68.2mm 216g G.P.I 45/53-400
464009 400ml 440ml 136.5mm 74.7mm 225g G.P.I 45/53-400
465010 500ml 550ml 147mm 81mm 270g G.P.I 45/53-400


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