ISO 32mm Glass Infusion Bottles

32mm clear glass infusion bottle |

Moulded Type I Glass Infusion Bottles with 32 Crimp Neck

Our range of infusion bottles, available from 50 ml to 500 ml, is ideal for pharmaceutical use and other applications requiring safe glass containers. These bottles come in various volumes with a standard ISO 32mm neck finish, but we can customize the neck finishes upon request. Suitable for packaging pharmaceuticals used in hospitals and other life-saving institutions, our infusion bottles are offered in glass types I and II. Additionally, they can be equipped with caps and accessories to meet diverse market preferences and can be further customized to individual specifications if needed.

Capacity: 50ml,100ml,150ml,250ml,500ml Glass Infusion Bottles

Color: Clear and Amber Glass Infusion Bottles.

Neck Finish: ISO Standard 32mm Crimp Neck

Glass Type: Type I,Type II Available

Browse All Secifications According to Your Needs

Item No. Capacity Brimful Height Diameter of Body Weight Neck Finish Type I Type II
210501 50ml 68ml 68mm 46mm 65g ISO 32
211001 100ml 128ml 104mm 49mm 100g ISO 32
211501 150ml 207ml 102.5mm 66mm 136g ISO 32
212502 250ml 297ml 125mm 68mm 145g ISO 32
212501 250ml 308ml 136mm 66mm 175g ISO 32
215002 500ml 584ml 147mm 86mm 220g ISO 32
215001 500ml 588ml 177mm 78mm 250g ISO 32

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