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Plastic Packaging for Highly Hygroscopic Drugs

Effervescent tube is a type of packaging which typically consists of a cylindrical tube made of by plastic PP resin and with a sealed end removable cap/lid which have built-in desiccant chamber. The desiccant chamber carries 0.8mg-2.5mg silica gel or molecular sieve depending on the intensity of hygroscopic nature of the product packed to absorb the moisture permeating through the tube to keep the tablets in dry condition within its shelf life. The caps can be provided with spiral or without spiral .The advantage of the spiral attached to the cap is to prevent the tablets breakages.
These effervescent tablets packaging are designed to hold food,drug, nutrition in tablet forms which need highly prevention requirements from moisture as humidity permeating into the packaging can cause the tablets dissolve prematurely ,become discolored or lose its efficiency.
Laiyang Packaging comes out with diverse range of effervescent tablet packing.

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Effervescent tube packaging is popular for a variety of products, including vitamins, minerals, and supplements, as well as over-the-counter medications like antacids and pain relievers. It is a convenient and portable way to carry and use these products on the go, making them a popular choice for travelers and people with busy lifestyles.


Design-Production-Inspection-Print, can be produced both in batches and as a single item according to a certain specification and customization in accordance with the individual demands of different customers.


Using central feeding with German production technology Raw materials are concentrated together to the production machine through the pipeline, thus can prevent dust and pollution generated by manual feeding.


Production under GMP standard 100,000 Class clean room ,which is certificated by QS ,ISO 9001-2015 ,ISO 14001:2015 ,ISO 45001:2018 ,ISO 22000:2018 as well.

Strict QC

From the incoming raw materials to the finished products, each step we carry out strictly quality detection. The advanced testing equipment and professional quality team offer a better guarantee.

We Have The Most Standard Product Specifications

Item No.
Inner Dia.(mm)

High Quality Control is Key to Sustainable Business Success

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We can quickly turn your product ideas and requirements into executable solutions and provide you with professional support.Rely on our 30+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical packaging industry

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Getting the product where you want it, when you need it, is essential. Laiyang Packaging knows this, and we have a Quality objective to have our shipments on-time to our customers 99% of the time. We have a long track record of meeting this goal.


We shall strive to continually bring improvements in products, processes, practices and employee skills.
Our innovation, expertise and experience enable us to meet their unique needs for product development and improvement.


We conduct raw material testing, production control, and internal testing by full-time personnel. Once a defect is found, these professionals will pool their opinions to develop a solution to overcome the product defect. Ensure that every step is responsible and reliable


We will treat you with respect and friendliness, keeping our clients' best interests in mind. We make perfect plastic bottles and caps every time, without exception.

Automation Equipments

Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, robotisation systems and artificial vision equipment, as well as automated stations for the manufacture of high value-added products and the final packaging for the same.

Spiral Plays Big Role

When purchasing pharmaceutical packaging for effervescent tablet preparations, many people often only pay attention to the moisture-proof and airtightness of the packaging. Safe transportation of effervescent tablets is also very important for packaging. We know that effervescent tablets are fragile during transportation ,which will cause losses. The spiral is soft and shrinkable, when the cap is closed, the Spiral exerts a certain pressure on the tablet downwards, which ensure that the tablets in the bottle do not shake that plays the role in shockproof, pressure resistance.

desiccant cap with spring

Choose HD Printing to Decorate Your Effervescent Tubes

- We have professional equipment and teams for high volumes printing of effervescent tubes.
- Fast printing speed and high efficiency.
- HD display, Small chromatic aberration, Good legibility.
- Non-bleeding inks and paints to achieve international food standards
- The Effervescent Tablet Tubes can be printed up to 8 colours
- Any combination of shades and colors, including metallic and special Pantone colors

Overall, decorating-labeling is an important process for effervescent tubes in the packaging industry. The decorating-labeling technique chosen depends on the requirements of the product, the volume of the production, and the budget for the labeling process. The decorating-labeling helps to identify and differentiate the product, provide important information to the customer, and promote the brand image.

decorate your effervescent tubes

Which Type Of Decorating-labeling Is Suitable For Your Product

HD Offset Printing

Offset printing is an efficient and cost-effective method to print large quantities of high quality printing ,particularly when color accuracy and consistency are required. The advantage of offset printing is its relatively fast printing speed ,and can improve printing efficiency greatly .This makes it as a popular way when customer need large orders need be finished within short time

Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer printing is another common way to create custom designs on the plastic effervescent tube . It is an effective way to create high-quality ,vivid colors that are durable and long-lasting .This printing type makes it an excellent option for small-scale printing or customized on-off designs.


Labels can include text, symbols, images, and other elements that provide information about the product, such as its name, ingredients, manufacturer, size, and safety warnings.Labeling is an important process that helps businesses and consumers communicate important information about products, from identification and marketing to safety and regulatory compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains a few FAQs that our customers ask.
If your question is not here, contact us today, and we will answer directly.

These bottles are made from polypropylene,a kind of plastic resin known for its exceptional moisture barrier properties . These caps are made from Low-Density Polyethylene which has a super flexibility and ensure the sealing performance.
The desiccant is a kind of substance that is used to absorb the moisture from the air ,liquids or solid .It is commonly used to keep products dry and free from moisture,which can cause damage or degradation over time.

1)100% silica gel

2)100% molecular sieve

3)Silica gel & molecular sieve mixture


The silica gel and molecular sieve have different performance on moisture absorbing ability during at different temperature and humidity . The key features to evaluate the desiccant absorbing ability are moisture content of desiccant ,desiccant saturation moisture absorption rate , desiccant short-term moisture absorption rate . Customers
have to choose the proper desiccant according to the products characteristics

The bottles are packed by 2 layers poly bags and then into export standard cartons ;the caps are packed by Aluminum foil bag with a Cobalt-free Humidity Indicator Card inside and then into export standard cartons.
Appearance, dimensions, bottle weight, loss on drying,PH value, desiccant weight, Desiccant moisture content, desiccant saturated moisture absorption, desiccant short-term moisture absorption, paperboard, microbial limit etc
Some medicines need to be protected from moisture when stored. The efficacy and quality of medicines will decrease if they are damp, which will affect the use of medicines. Therefore, special bottles are needed in medicine packaging to prevent moisture, reduce the contact between water vapor and medicines, and ensure the quality of medicines. In terms of functional design, the effervescent tablet tube can well protect the medicine from moisture. There is a small medicine compartment on the cover of the effervescent tablet tube, which contains desiccant. The desiccant is placed in the small medicine compartment to prevent direct contact with the medicine and ensure the safety of the medicine. The desiccant can protect the medicine from damp and dilute water vapor during the use of the medicine. The coil spring on the cover of the effervescent tablet tube can prevent the drug from shaking and breaking during the bumpy transportation process, and play a fixed role. The combination of the bottle and the cap provides a good seal. Effervescent tablet tubes are mainly packed in medicines that require moisture-proof, and medicines should also be stored in places with direct sunlight and high humidity. Pharmaceutical packaging affects the quality of medicines.

Why Buy Moisture Proof Effervescent Tubes From US?

Pharmaceutical packaging is a medium for pharmaceutical companies to link with consumers,it is a kind of silent sales promotion . Good packaging not only meet the basic functions of storage ,moisture-proof and sealing based on the properties of the drug ,but also deliver the brand image ,their vision ,their care for human safety and environmental protection. At Laiyang Packaging ,we keep growing together with our customers.Should you have any packaging challenges ,please contact us today .Our team will work out the best solution for your products.

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