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Every step is strictly performed complied with GMP guidelines from incoming material to outer packaging process

Four Ways to Guarantee Quality

1. Comprehensive Quality Management

Quality is the key .Thanks to the comprehensive management system from Incoming Material to Outer Package, from Production Facilities to Laboratory Testing Equipment,from Product Technology Regulation to Batch Records, from the Employee Training to Environmental Monitoring ,every single step is within our process flow. All operation and records are completely and can be traced.

2. Advanced Testing Instruments

During the production ,we have automatic visual inspection system to have a full check about the dimensions,shape,thickness etc and can improve the inspection accuracy greatly .At the same time,additional tests like leakage test ,microbiological test etc will be performed in our laboratory centre.

3. High Standard Quality

Products will be manufactured and inspected complied with CP , USP, EP or customer’s requirements. Besides the visual and dimensional inspection,we do some additional tests like leakage test, drop test, microbiological test ...which are required by the customer. We’ll guarantee the products you get are in specification.

4. Preshipment Inspection

All products will be inspected again before shipping such as total quantity , accessories, sticker, bar code ,package situation etc.We’ll make sure all the products you get are in good condition with clear mark ,without contamination.

Inspection Highlights

Advanced Visual Inspection System

Efficiency Accuracy Innovation

The inspection system have a thorough defection for every surface
and rejects the imperfect bottles,below defects will be detected
and rejected:

Six Steps Quality Inspection Process

  • Incoming Material Inspection

    All incoming materials will be inspected and make sure they are qualified ,unqualified materials will be rejected.

  • Startup Sample Inspection

    The samples will be inspected according to quality&customer standard to make sure they are within specification.

  • Automatic Visual Inspection

    Our site is equipped with visual inspection system which greatly improve the quality detection efficiency and accuracy.

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  • Free Random Inspection

    Free random inspection will be performed by QA at least 3 times per day which provide a double quality guarantee.

  • Final Inspection

    Final inspection will be conducted according to quality & customer standard ,and COA will be issued accordingly.

  • Preshipment Inspection

    We will make sure all the products you get are with clear marks,good package and without contamination.


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